Saving a Text File in UNICODE UTF-8 Format

Unicode is a standard for writing in different languages on a computer. If you write in a language that doesn't use the standard Roman letters found in Western European languages, you're probably using Unicode. This includes all languages that do not use the Roman alphabet AND languages that use the Roman alphabet but have unique letters such as Polish, Rumanian, Vietnamese, Icelandic, etc.

In order to be able to import Unicode text into FLAn, you must save the text in the right format first, using MS Word or any word processor that can save a text file in Unicode UTF-8 format. You can also use NOTEPAD in Windows or TEXTEDIT on Mac. Without going into technical details, here is how to save a text document in Unicode UTF-8 format:

1. Type in text in MS Word, Notetbook (PC) or TextEdit (Mac) or copy and paste text from a Web site (or other document).

2. Save the text file in the same folder where your hypermedia unit and FLAn are located BUT...

3. the text file as PLAIN TEXT.

To do this in MS Word do the following:

a. choose SAVE AS...
c. under SAVE AS TYPE select PLAIN TEXT


d. click on SAVE
e. a dialog box appears and you click on OTHER ENCODING
f. from the list choose UNICODE (UTF-8)
g. by END LINES WITH select CR/LF.
h. click OK


To do this in NOTEPAD (PC) do the following:

a. click SAVE AS and choose SAVE AS TYPE: Text Documents [*txt]
b. by ENCODING choose UTF-8



To do this in TEXTEDIT (Macintosh) do the following:              

a. under FORMAT in the MENUBAR choose MAKE PLAIN TEXT


b. in the menubar under FILE choose SAVE AS...


If you follow any of the options above, the resulting text file will be in the UNICODE UTF-8 format and will be ready to import into FLAn.