Question: What’s this about?

Answer: Learning foreign languages through HYPERMEDIA.

Huh?: Yeah, you heard right, HYPERMEDIA. You know, you’re reading something in a foreign language. You don’t understand some of the words. You click on them. Magic happens...

...a translation appears. Maybe grammar notes and comments too.You hear a native speaker read the text and glossary. You might see images, animations, even videos! Web links also appear, taking you to online activities, quizzes and cultural sites. When you’re finished, you understand EVERY WORD in the text! You know how to pronounce them and you can use them in your own conversations. In short, you’re a better person.

New Question: OK, I'm a teacher and I want to make HYPERMEDIA LEARNING UNITS for my own students. What do I do?

Answer: Click DOWNLOADS below and dowload FLAn, a FREE hypermedia editor so you can create your own FLAn units that do all the magical things I mentioned above. It’s great for any short text, such as jokes, dialogs, recipes, poems, song lyrics, horoscopes, personal ads, excerpts from literary texts, etc.



-You can see a YouTube video of FLAn here.

-To see video tutorials on how to use FLAn, click here.

-To download FLAn, click here.

-To download free FLAn units, click here.

-To find information for becoming a FLAn author, click here.


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