So what's FLAn? It's an editor that lets you take a foreign language text and attach various kinds of media to words or phrases to help students understand the meaning of unfamiliar words or phrases.

What kind of media can I attach? Text (definitions, comments, grammar notes, etc.), audio clips, video clips, images, GIF animations and Web links.

Does FLAn work with languages that don't use the Roman alphabet? Is it Unicode compliant? Yes and no. You can use Latin and non-Latin alphabetic writing systems so FLAn will work with Spanish, French, Turkish, Greek, Russian, etc. A special edition of FLAn for Chinese and Japanese is now available and can be downloaded from the Downloads page. Look for FLAn CD. We are also working on a version that will process right-left languages such as Arabic, Hebrew and Urdu. FLAn is Unicode compliant.

Does FLAn work on the Web? No, although you can create links in a FLAn unit to any Web site and you can distribute your FLAn units on the Web by by uploading them for free on RedHotWords.com in the Share Area.

Is FLAn free? Yes, it's free.

Can I make copies of FLAn? Yes, but you cannot sell it or trade it for food stuffs.

Can I sell the FLAn units that I create? You can sell them in your own school if you purchase the license to do so.

Eventually you will be able to sell them world-wide through the RedHotWords Store. The Store will operate basically on the same principle as an App store. Authors create FLAn units in their desired category, say 'Spanish for English Speakers' and they submit them to RedHotWords.com. The units are then sold in the store and authors keep 70% of the sale price. Authors also participate in the profits from sales of subscriptions. We are looking for authors now to create and submit units for sale. If you would like to register as an author, please send email to info@redhotwords.com.

In addition to the coming RedHotWords Store, there is currently a license for schools to sell FLAn units to their students ($495/yr.) and one for publishers to sell readers commercially ($3495/yr.) to supplement their instructional materials.

Are there any FLAn units already created and available for purchase? Not yet. Eventually there will be commercial FLAn units for purchase However, a Share Area is available for instructors who want to share their FLAn units now.

What's the difference between the REDHOTWORDS STORE and the SHARE AREA? The RedHotWords Store will have FLAn units that go through a quality control process to ensure consistency of quality. They will cost money. Teachers and professional developers can sell FLAn units that they create through the RedHotWords Store.

The Share Area is for teachers, students or anyone who wants to share their FLAn units with others. These units do not go through a quality control process and they are free.

How can I become a FLAn author? (1) Learn how to use FLAn. (2) Create FLAn units. (3) Upload the FLAn units to the RedHotWords store. (4) Earn money as your FLAn units sell. All the details are here in the For Authors section.

Who made FLAn? That would be Dr. Thom Thibeault, a foreign language educator with over 40 years experience teaching languages. He has taught German and Spanish at the high school and university level and has taught German at Southern Illinois University for 23 years. He is now the very happy director of the Language Technology Forum at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. He earned his doctorate at the Universitšt Salzburg in 1989 and wrote his dissertation on computer-assisted language learning. He is very grateful that computer technology today is not as it was in 1989.

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