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Follow the numbers below in sequence to make a FLAn unit. Follow the directions carefully, and you will be successful!

If you're not familiar with FLAn, watch all the videos first to see the big picture. Most video clips are about a minute or less.

You can also access these video clips in FLAn when in EDIT MODE. Look for TUTOR in the menubar.

NOTE: You won't be able to do STEP 22 until you finish the glossing process (STEPS 29 - 42)

FLAn Training Videos


1. Before You Start
2. Download FLAn
3. Preparing a New FLAn Unit
4. Creating a New FLAn Unit
5. Enter Edit Mode
6. Using Help Features
7. Enter Text Directly
8. Enter Text with Keyboard Shortcuts
9. Enter Text with Paste Main Text
10. Enter Text with Import Main Text
11. Saving Text in Unicode UTF-8
12. Enter Translation Directly
13. Enter Translation with Keyboard Shortcuts
14. Enter Translation with Paste Translation
15. Enter Translation with Import Translation
16. Import Main Image
17. Import Audio of Main Text
18. Import Video of Main Text
19. Import Audio of Glossary
20. Highlight Main Text - Audio
21. Highlight Main Text - Video
22. Highlight Glossary - Audio (do #29 - #42 first)
23. Add Culture Info
24. Add Culture Web Links
25. Add Reference Web Links
26. Add Online Quiz Web Links
27. Add Credits
28. Gloss - Navigate to Data Cards


29. Using Help Features
30. Navigation
31. Change Font Properties
32. Gloss Single Word
33. Gloss Multiple Words
34. Gloss Multiple Occurrences
35. Gloss Grammar
36. Set Gloss
37. Import Image
38. Import Media
39. Add Web Link
40. Add Comments
41. New Gloss
42. Done




FLAn CD is a version of FLAn for Chinese, Japanese and any writing system that doesn't have spaces between the words. In FLAn you click on words to select them for glossing. In FLAn CD you click and drag on the words.

Most of the steps are the same for FLAn and FLAn CD. The ones that are different are listed below. The numbers for FLAn CD correspond to the numbers for FLAn.


20. Highlight Main Text - Audio
21. Highlight Main Text - Video
22. Highlight Glossary - Audio (do #29 - #42 first)
30. Navigation
32. Gloss Single Word
34. Gloss Multiple Occurrences

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